Doors at 8 is updated whenever we feel like it ’cause we have commitment issues. The strip is written by Mike Costello and drawn by Tina Pratt.

The strip focuses on our two main characters and the local shows they go to. Sometimes they even go to the mall or whatever the hell Mike thinks is funny. He’s trying really hard to get pro wrestling jokes into the strip. You can thank Tina for not allowing that to happen.

Most of the jokes are written from Mike’s experiences and friends going to local punk shows in America’s unshaven armpit, New Jersey. You can tell Mike, even though he is the writer, did not write this. He would tell you that Jersey was the best place on the planet. Hey, they have Wawa.


Mike Costello is an independent filmmaker, writer, and musician currently enrolled at the University of New Hampshire. He has written and directed a number of short films, a documentary, and a music video. An avid fan of punk rock since age 17, Mike has been in and out of a number of short lived bands, playing and attending numerous shows all over New Jersey. Other interests include coffee, professional wrestling, and Japanese giant monster movies.

E-mail: MrPibbles73 (at) | AIM: JuggernautD2


Tina Pratt is a graphic designer with a degree in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She also writes and is the artist of The Paul Reveres, a webcomic about the American Revolution… kinda.

She’s been known to waste lots of otherwise productive time on her Twitter, Tumblr and sometimes keeping her portfolio site up to date.

E-mail: tina (at) | AIM: enshogirl